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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Graveyard Book Read-a-Long: Discussion Part 1

This R.I.P. VII Read-a-Long is being hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings.

I know, I'm doing this backwards. I just posted my review, and now I'm going back to do the check-ins!

Carl's discussion question:

As we enter this discussion of the first three chapters of The Graveyard Book, one of the things I would especially like to hear about is whether or not you enjoyed being frightened as a child and alternatively, as an adult, what are your thoughts on the opening of this novel. 

Here are my thoughts:

I have always enjoyed scary reads, even as a child. I love the thrill of being afraid, yet in a safe environment.
Although I am no longer a child, Gaiman still was able to give me chills. The crime was shocking, and I wondered in the beginning how this could possibly be a children's story! The book opens with the murder of a child's parents and sister!! We see right away that Bod is a special boy, as he manages to escape the confines of his crib and slide down the stairs on his bottom and toddle up the hill to a cemetery -- of all places! I loved the motherly Mistress Owens, who immediately took to Bod. I loved how the ghosts of the graveyard protected Bod from Jack, even though he was a living boy.

You can feel Bod's desire in Chapter 2 to venture outside of the cemetery to see what lies beyond. I felt happy for him when he met Scarlett, a five-year old girl who visits the graveyard with her mother.

With so many interesting characters in the graveyard, I cannot see how Bod could ever become bored! I am sure they all have fascinating stories to tell of different times and places. They give Bod an education like no other!

My favourite character is Miss Lupescu, Bod's teacher.

Great story so far!


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