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Sunday, November 18, 2012

2013 Nerdy Non-Fiction Reading Challenge

Hi, everyone! Time for a 2013 Reading Challenge!!

This challenge is being hosted by Kim at Bookmark to Blog!

Here are the details copied from Kim's blog:
2013 Nerdy Non-Fiction Reading Challenge



Geek: 4-6 books in at least 2-3 different categories

Dork: 7-10 books in at least 4-5 different categories

Dweeb: 11- 14 books in at least 6-7 different categories

Nerd: 15+ books in at least 8+ different categories


* Health, Medicine, Fitness, Wellness

* History- US, World, European, etc

* Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy

* Technology, Engineering, Computers, etc

* Business, Finance, Management

* Sports, Adventure

* Food- Cookbooks, Cooks, Vegan Vegetarianism, etc

* Autobiography, Biography, Memoir

* Art, Photography, Architecture

* Music, Film, TV

* Self Improvement, Self Help, How To

* Home, Garden

* Science-Nature, Weather, Biology, Geology

* Anthropology, Archaeology

* Animals-Insects, Mammals, Dinosaurs, etc

* Family, Relationships, Parenting, Dating, Love

* Crime, Law

* Poetry, Theatre

* Politics, Government, Current Affairs

* Literary Criticism/Theory

* Cultural Studies

* Travel

* Crafts

*  It is not necessary to pick your categories ahead of time, but try not to read more than two books in each category so you can broaden your horizons.

*  The categories I listed are just suggestions. If you have a different category you'd like to add, let me know!

* When you read/review a book, come back here and share what you've read with me. I always love new book ideas so share even if you're not formally participating in the Nerdy Non-Fiction Reading Challenge!

Happy reading (and learning)!

If you would like to join me in the challenge, click on the challenge badge at the beginning of this post.

I'm signing up for "GEEK" LEVEL (read 4-6 books in at least 2-3 different categories).

I will keep track of my progress below and link up my reviews:
  1. Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman by Dorothy Sterling (Scholastic Biographies)


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