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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Guest Post with H. David Blalock, author of Traitor Angel

Hi, everyone!

I am pleased to participate in H. David Blalock's Traitor Angel Virtual Book Tour hosted by Seventh Star Press.

About David:

H. David Blalock has been writing speculative fiction for nearly 40 years. His work has appeared in print and online in over three dozen publications, spanning every format from short stories to novels, non-fiction articles to screenplays. He is also editor of _parABnormal Digest_ for Sam's Dot Publishing. 


Welcome back to Darlene's Book Nook, David!

David has written a guest post, so I will now turn the floor over to him.

Why Writing Should be an Olympic Sport
by H. David Blalock

People think that writing doesn't entail physical exertion. The general public believes that writers sit in front of their computers with a cup of coffee or tea in a big easy chair and just type all day long. Writers have been accused of spending too much time sitting in coffee shops, gazing out the window, or just generally being inactive. What people don't understand is that writing is a very stressful activity. Let me explain.

In the early years of humanity, the writer was always having to defend himself from the hunters in the tribe. They didn't seem to understand the importance of a permanent record of their activity. Somehow they seemed to think putting meat on the table took precedence, but I ask you, how would we know of the inventor of the spear or the innovator who harnessed fire without that writer? If he was eliminated by the rest of the tribe, how would we know the name of their chief, or who the finest hunter was?

Fast forward to Mesopotamia and the Sumerians. Now, there were some writers! From them we could find out exactly who opened the trade routes from the east to west. They could gave us the names and dates connected to the first great voyages of the caravans from Kush to Cathay. If not for them, that would have been lost forever.

And how about the Egyptians? That huge library in Alexandria? Where would we be without that? The secrets of the best minds of humanity, all in one place. What a tragic, terrible loss that would be if something happened to it, or if the writers who safeguarded those scrolls and manuscripts were somehow no longer there to do their duty, to copy those precious documents and prevent their disappearance.

Maybe the writer doesn't lift weights, or throw hammers, or race downhill on a couple of sticks. Maybe writers don't pound each other's heads in inside a ring, or run up and down a pitch kicking a ball. Maybe writers don't excel in sports or athletics. But given the opportunity, writers will safeguard the more precious commodities we all honor: history, stories, epics, poetry, sagas. They write about medicine and religion, society and dystopia, politics and pornography. The good and the bad of humanity, reflected and reported through the writer.

Ask yourself: where would we be if the writer didn't exert him or herself? Standing up against tyrants through criticism. Resisting injustice through satire and sarcasm. Pushing back against boredom through fiction. It's a stressful calling, often misunderstood, very often criticized.

With all that in mind, ask yourself, why isn't it an Olympic Sport?

About the Book:


In Traitor Angel, the second book of the Angelkiller Triad, the war between The Army of Light and The Enemy continues behind the scenes. Unknown to the general population, the battle for control of humanity is heating up.

Jonah Mason, called Angelkiller, faces more than one decision. His Army resistance cell is wounded physically and emotionally, on the brink of falling apart. The mysterious allies calling themselves Knights are pressuring him to abandon his people. Meanwhile, the world outside draws closer to Armageddon.

As Mason and his friends pursue their campaign against Dorian Azrael's global megacorporation, Andlat Enterprises, the stakes get higher with each desperate foray into the enemy's computers. They are fated to lose one of their number and gain an unlikely ally, but any advantage they gain could be fleeting at best.

If they fail, it could mean the end of The Army and all resistance to the forces of Darkness.
 Artwork courtesy of Matthew Perry

Buy Links:
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