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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NetGalley January: Read-A-Thon

Hi, everyone!

Emily (aka Wilowraven) at Red House Books is declaring January NetGalley month!

The idea behind it is to read and review our NetGalley titles. I know I have three that need to be read, so I am joining in the fun!

Below are the details copied from Red House Books:

I Declare January to be NetGalley Month

Between January 1st and January 31st, I challenge you to read as many NetGalley books as you possibly can!

NetGalley October was a ton of fun and for January I've taken into account some participant suggestions:

*I'm using a linky tool for people to sign up with -- lets us all see and hopefully visit each other over the course of the month

*A Twitter hashtag? THERE IS ONE! It's #NetGalleyMonth and you can use it anytime you tweet about your NetGalley reads in January. I'll be checking the feed just about every night and hopefully crashing a few conversations ;)

A few of you also made some suggestions or requests regarding access to NetGalley titles. I just want to make clear that I have no affiliation with NetGalley and your participation in my read-a-thons in no way affects your personal NetGalley approvals. I'm doing this just for fun! If you're a NetGalley member, I'm sure there is at least 1 or 2 (or 10 or 20) titles you've already been approved for that need some love :)

For old and new participants alike, Greetings and Welcome!

The 'rules' are really simple:

1. Declare yourself!

Write up a post, share it on Facebook, Tweet, sky writing, carrier pigeons...Somehow, let the world know you're participating and link it up below.

2. Read NetGalley books in January!

And tell us about them in February :)

Any questions, let me know! (email: OR tweet me @WilowRedHouse)

If you want to join me in the Read-A-Thon, sign up at Red House Books!

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  1. Great idea, I need to think about if I can read them in Jan though.


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