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Monday, July 16, 2012

High Summer Read-a-Thon: My Seryniti's Mini-Challenge #HSreadathon

Nova at My Seryniti is hosting this mini-challenge.

Here are the details:
Based on Page 99 Test! Haven’t heard of it? It’s a simple test to pick up the book you’re interested in, turn to page 99 and read what is there. Do you now want to turn to 100 or would you rather put the book down?

The Mini challenge is going to be a twist on this test. Instead of asking ourselves if we want to buy the book, especially since most of us already own the books we’re reading for the Summer Read a Thon, we’re going to:

  • Pick a book that you have on your to read list this week.

  • Turn to page 99.

  • Read page 99!

  • Now, from that page post in comments or link back to your updates on what you think of the book. Would you continue reading based only on the page 99 test?

  • I did my Page 99 Challenge on this book:

    (Possession, Book #2)
    by Elana Johnson

    On the basis of the Page 99 test, I want to continue reading! Here is an excerpt:

    "At the end of the hall, a windowed-wall stretched from floor to ceiling. Through that glass I saw Raine. I had time to see the restraints and suck in a breath before the glass frosted, effectively blocking her from view. I glanced at Director Hightower, and the twist in his lips made my blood flow faster. I wanted to be anywhere but here. Things around me felt surreal, foreign. The air smelled medical, sharp, too clean. It stung my skin, giving me goose bumps."

     Doesn't that sound intriguing? I want to know why Raine is in restraints! What is happening to her?

     Thanks, Nova, for hosting this mini-challenge!


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