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Sunday, July 22, 2012

High Summer Read-a-Thon: Book Snob Mini-Challenge #HSreadathon

Laura at Book Snob is hosting this mini-challenge.

Here are the details:
Take one aspect of your book and show an illustration/picture/photo for it.  Then explain it briefly so we know the connection to the book you are reading.
I did my mini-challenge on this book:

by Cormac McCarthy

Since the setting of this book is post-apocalyptic America, I am including below some renditions of what the Earth might look like:

(this last one isn't actually America, but is supposed to be London)

Pretty frightening, isn't it? It gives me shudders!

 Thanks, Laura, for hosting this mini-challenge!


  1. Yes, very scary! The book is that...for sure.

  2. Whoah, speaking as an English lass that one of London's pretty creepy! Post-apocalyptic scenes just become that bit more scary when you can see them in front of you... :(


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