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Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Post and Giveaway with Shonell Bacon, author of Into the Web

Hi, everyone!

I am pleased to participate in Shonell Bacon's Into the Web Virtual Book Publicity Tour hosted by Sizzing PR.

About Shonell:

Shonell Bacon is an author, doctoral candidate, editor, educator–everywoman. She has published both creatively and academically–novels, short stories, essays, and textbooks.

She has had an essay of hers developed as part of a live theatre documentary production. In addition to her love of writing and what the future holds in her literary life, she is also an editor who loves helping writers hone their literary craft. Since 2001, she has edited for hundreds of writers who have gone on to pursue self-publishing careers and have been published within the traditional publishing arena. Her love for helping writers also moved her to begin writing articles and commentaries regarding the writing life and craft, and she publishes these articles on various websites. She is an educator, having taught English and mass communication courses in addition to fiction writing and other courses related to creative writing. And while taking part in all of those things, Shonell also finds the time to pursue her Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. Now a doctoral candidate, she is conducting research and writing her dissertation.


Welcome to Darlene's Book Nook, Shonell!

Shonell has written a guest post, so I will now turn the floor over to her.

Favorite Book I’ve Written
by Shonell Bacon

Over the years, I’ve written a few novels, some short stories and essays, and often, I’m asked, “Of the works you have written, do you have a favorite?”

If our stories are our children, then my answer should be no, right? I mean after all, we love all of our children the same, right?

Well, shame on me for being a bad literary parent!

Before Into the Web was released, Death at the Double Inkwell was my favorite story. It was the first story where I felt like I was trying to grow as a writer. Most of my stories before it were what I would call contemporary women’s fiction with romantic elements. They weren’t the same stories mind you, but a lot of the same angst dwelled within them. With Death at the Double Inkwell and the mystery genre, I was forced to think differently, not only about my characters but also about the plot, the structure, the development of the story, the dropping of intrigants that moved the story forward but did not reveal too soon who did what.  With the mystery, I felt as if someone placed a 1,000-piece puzzle in front of me and said, “Make it look pretty.”

And I did. And I loved just how pretty it was.

The minute I finished Into the Web, however, I knew it would be my favorite story written. Not only was I building on what I had learned about mystery writing, but I was also adding a new element to my writing: that of a sequel. Just because I thought these characters were big enough to handle more stories didn’t mean others would. I would have to delve deep into the characters to make sure this story wasn’t just a repeat of DDIW. I would have to keep their personal lives entertaining while at the same time develop a mystery that was as good or better than DDIW and be able to marry the two – personal lives and mystery – in a way that wouldn’t bore the readers...or myself in the writing of it. Writing Into the Web showed me that I wasn’t just lucky at being able to write a good mystery. It also showed me that I could develop characters to find those points that can keep readers engaged and interested in sticking around with them throughout books and not just one story.

Can’t wait to see what I learn from the next Double Inkwell book.

Thanks so much for joining us today, Shonell!

One lucky winner will win a digital copy of Shonell's latest mystery, Into the Web.

The minute twins and mystery novelists Jovan and Cheyenne Parham find their lives settling into a nice rhythm, all hell breaks loose – in their personal lives and in the latest crime they find themselves mixed up in. Jo is trying to build a relationship with Mark Brockman, but the deaths of her husband and Mark’s wife, and the sordid nature of their coming together keeps her from jumping into the relationship with both feet. Cheyenne is head over heels in love with former detective-now P.I. Ian Davenport, but unexpected news and Ian’s involvement in a new case causes Chey to second guess the deepness of their love. Trying to figure out their love lives becomes all the more complicated when Jo and Chey are thrust into a series of kidnappings and murders involving young girls who seem to make the wrong friends online. When a mayoral candidate’s daughter is kidnapped, Ian finds himself on the case, much to the chagrin of Chey considering he spends an awful lot of time holding and caring for the candidate’s wife. Bringing the girl home safely and finding the killer pushes the twins to the limits of their personal and professional lives. Going into a web of infidelity, lies, deception, and murder often leaves all involved in disarray. Will Jovan and Cheyenne find themselves, once again, trying to pick up the remaining fragments of their lives once this is all over?
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This giveaway is open worldwide until 12:01 AM EST on July 13, 2012.
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  1. Thank you for having me! Looking forward to presenting the winner with a copy of ITW. :-D

    The first book in the series, Death at the Double Inkwell, is free this weekend over at Amazon, so definitely go grab the book that started it all!


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