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Friday, May 12, 2017

#Audiobook #Review: 5 out of 5 stars for Wallbanger @alice_clayton @SimonAudio

TITLE: Wallbanger
SERIES: Cocktail, Book #1
AUTHOR: Alice Clayton
NARRATOR: Heather Smith
PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster Audio
PUBLICATION DATE: May 7, 2013 (first published November 27, 2012)
FORMAT: Unabridged audiobook
LENGTH: 13 hrs and 53 mins
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
The first night after Caroline moves into her fantastic new San Francisco apartment, she realizes she’s gaining an - um - intimate knowledge of her new neighbor’s nocturnal adventures. Thanks to paper-thin walls and the guy’s athletic prowess, she can hear not just his bed banging against the wall but the ecstatic response of what seems (as loud night after loud night goes by) like an endless parade of women. And since Caroline is currently on a self-imposed "dating hiatus," and her neighbor is clearly lethally attractive to women, she finds her fantasies keep her awake even longer than the noise. So when the wallbanging threatens to literally bounce her out of bed, Caroline, clad in sexual frustration and a pink baby-doll nightie, confronts Simon Parker, her heard-but-never-seen neighbor. The tension between them is as thick as the walls are thin, and the results just as mixed. Suddenly, Caroline is finding she may have discovered a whole new definition of neighborly....

In a delicious mix of silly and steamy, Alice Clayton dishes out a hot and hilarious tale of exasperation at first sight...


I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook for voluntary review consideration.

For a girl that doesn’t like contemporary romances, this one banged my socks off!

Caroline has moved into a new apartment, leased to her by her boss who no longer lives there but does not want to give up the great space. For Caroline, it’s a match made in heaven…until her noisy neighbor’s nighttime antics awaken her. Because the apartments are mirror images of each other, Caroline shares her bedroom wall with the man on the other side of the hall. His headboard bangs against her bedroom wall during the throes of passion, and this guy is quite the playboy. First, there’s the woman who enjoys being spanked. Then there’s the woman who actually meows in heat which sends Caroline’s cat into a tizzy. Finally, there’s the Russian woman who won’t stop giggling. The thing that all ladies have in common is that they all scream his name as he pleasures them. Caroline, on the other hand, has been in a bit of a dry spell since the one-night stand she had six months earlier that was so bad that she’s never been able to achieve an orgasm since! She’s a little on edge because of that, and she decides one evening that she’s had enough of the loud shenanigans from next door and marches across the hallway to bang on her neighbor’s door to tell him to knock it off. She’s greeted by a gorgeous guy with six-pack abs barely wrapped in a bedsheet, and she makes quite an impression on him as well with her short pink nightie.

Caroline’s boss invites her to their housewarming party, and she shows up with two BFFs in tow. She bumps into none other than Wallbanger. His name is actually Simon, and his two friends hit it off with her two friends and Simon and Caroline are left to find their own way home. They call a truce and try to be friends, but that’s awfully difficult when there’s a growing attraction!

This isn’t the type of book that I would normally pick up, but I’m so glad that I did! What makes this one stand out for me is how funny it is!! I was laughing out loud while listening, and it really was just a perfect escape for me. The chemistry between Simon and Caroline was scorching hot, and I love that the author made us (and the couple) wait. If Caroline would have just been another notch in Simon’s bedpost, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the book as much. I love that Clayton connected their heads, hearts, and emotions before joining their bodies! I have to admit that I was a bit slow to warm to Simon because of his promiscuity, but he eventually won me over. Caroline was a little too obsessed with her O, but it added to the book’s humor.

Memorable quotes:

“You know those moments when everything is exactly the way it was meant to be? When you find yourself and your entire universe aligning in perfect synchronization, and you know you couldn’t possibly be more content? I was inside that very moment, and fully conscious of it.”

“Always good when what you need and what you want are the same thing.”

Heather Smith is a new-to-me author, and she could totally pull off being a phone sex operator. LOL! Her voice was breathy and sexy in all the right places, and I really felt Caroline’s highs and lows (and sexual frustration) come through with Smith’s narration. I had a hard time turning off this audiobook because it was so fun to listen to! I will definitely continue with the series, despite the fact that I am NOT a fan of contemporary romances. Here is a sample of the narration:

5 stars!! It was superb, and I will likely re-listen again! You definitely have to add it to your TBR if you enjoy contemporary romances. Thanks again to Simon Audio for the opportunity to review this audiobook!

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