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Monday, September 19, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This weekly meme is hosted by Kathryn at Book Date.

I'm reading:
(something from my TBR mountain, and a good fit for September is for SequelsTackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon, and RIPXI)

TITLE: Everbound
SERIES: Everneath, Book #2
AUTHOR: Brodi Ashton
PUBLISHER: Balzer + Bray
PUBLICATION DATE: February 14, 2013
FORMAT: Paperback
LENGTH: 368 pages
GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy
ISBN: 9780857074614
Two months ago, the Tunnels of the underworld came for Nikki Beckett. That night, Nikki's boyfriend, Jack, made the ultimate sacrifice. All Nikki wants is to save Jack before it's too late. All Cole wants is to find his queen - and he thinks Nikki is the one. Both determined, both desperate, Nikki and Cole form a tense alliance, leading them on a dangerous journey to The Heart of The Everneath.

I'm listening to:
(something from my TBR mountain, and also a good fit for September is for SequelsTackle Your TBR Read-a-Thonand RIPXI)

TITLE: Born to Die
SERIES: To Die, Book #3
AUTHOR: Lisa Jackson
NARRATOR: Alan Nebelthau
PUBLISHER: Recorded Books
PUBLICATION DATE: September 9, 2011
FORMAT: Unabridged audiobook
LENGTH: 15 hrs and 2 mins
GENRE: Mystery/Suspense, Thriller, Romantic Suspense
With more than 10 million copies of her books in print, #1 New York Times best-selling author Lisa Jackson is among the world’s most popular thriller writers.

Two women who bear an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Kacey Lambert have been murdered. Kacey believes it is nothing more than a terrible coincidence, but the deeper she digs, the more worried she becomes. Soon, more victims emerge—all bearing a physical resemblance to Kacey—and she begins to wonder when the brutal killer will come hunting for her.

I just finished:

TITLE: Monster Island
SERIES: Monster Island, Book #1
AUTHOR: David Wellington
PUBLISHER: Running Press
PUBLICATION DATE: March 24, 2006
FORMAT: Paperback, 282 pages
GENRE: Horror
ISBN: 9781560258506

It's one month after a global disaster. The most "developed" nations of the world have fallen to the shambling zombie masses. Only a few pockets of humanity survive — in places rife with high-powered weaponry, such as Somalia. In New York City, the dead walk the streets, driven by an insatiable hunger for all things living. One amongst them is different; though he shares their appetites he has retained his human intelligence. Alone among the mindless zombies, Gary Fleck is an eyewitness to the end of the world — and perhaps the evil genius behind it all. From the other side of the planet, a small but heavily-armed group of schoolgirls-turned-soldiers has come in search of desperately needed medicine. Dekalb, a former United Nations weapons inspector, leads them as their local guide. Ayaan, a crack shot at the age of sixteen, will stop at nothing to complete her mission. They think they are prepared for anything. On Monster Island they will find that there is something worse even than being undead, as Gary learns the true price of survival.

TITLE: The Haunted
AUTHOR: Bentley Little
NARRATOR: Dan Butler
PUBLISHER: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
FORMAT: Unabridged audiobook
LENGTH: 11 hrs and 54 mins
GENRE: Horror
The Perry family's new house is perfect - except for the weird behavior of the neighbors, and that odd smell coming from a dark corner in the basement. Pity no one warned the family about the house. Now it's too late. Because the darkness at the bottom of the basement stairs is rising.

TITLE: Neverfall
SERIES: Everneath, Book #1.5
AUTHOR: Brodi Ashton
PUBLISHER: Balzer + Bray
PUBLICATION DATE: December 26, 2012
FORMAT: E-book
LENGTH: 96 pages
GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy
A thrilling new novella from the author of the Everneath series!

Jack is trapped for eternity in the Tunnels while Nikki has managed to evade Cole's grasp . . . for now. But Cole is more desperate than ever to find answers about Nikki, his best chance for taking over the throne of the underworld. How did she survive the Feed? Can Cole find another Forfeit like her who can survive it too?

Cole's quest leads him to the other side of the world, to a mysterious, dangerous society known as the Delphinians, whose price for information might be higher than Cole can pay—a price that could destroy Nikki. But when Cole attempts to steal the answers instead, his mission ends in disaster. Faced with centuries in a Delphinian dungeon, Cole is confronted with questions he's been too scared to ask himself: Is he really obsessed with the throne—or is he obsessed with Nikki? And can she really give him a new beginning as the Everneath's king . . . or will she instead bring about his tragic end?

What are you reading? Have you read any of these books and, if so, what did you think? Please let me know in the comments and, if you are also participating in this meme, leave me a link to your blog post so that I can stop by!


  1. Monster Island looks good, and I love the cover of Everbound. There are so many good YA fantasies out right now it's hard to get to them all. :)

    1. I struggled with the first two-thirds of the book, but the last third won me over enough (I think) to continue on in the series! I love the covers of the Everneath series as well!

  2. I really enjoy born to die. Hope you are enjoying as well.


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