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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Favourite Television Shows and Fall Premieres On My Radar

This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week, they post a new Top Ten list that one of their bloggers will answer. Everyone is welcome to join!

Today's list is in honour of Fall TV: Favourite Television Shows and Fall Premieres On My Radar.

I don't watch very much television, and I don't normally have time to commit to keeping up on a week-to-week basis. However, if the show is on Netflix, then I have the convenience of watching an episode here and there whenever I want or have the time. 

Here are a few of my favourite shows (thanks to Netflix):

Supernatural: Ah, those Winchester boys! Can you ever really grow tired of watching them, er, I mean this show? I loooooooove urban legends, and this show is totally up my alley. Sam and Dean Winchester hunt the bad guys, like: demons, witches, ghosts, monsters, vampires, and other supernatural beings. It's a creepy show. And did I mention the Winchester boys?? I'm only on the fourth season on Netflix, and Season 12 is airing in the Fall. I am a little behind!

The Walking Dead: This show made zombies scary again! When I think of zombies, I always think of those cheesy B-movies, which aren't at all scary but actually comical! This show freaks me out!! I literally jump out of my skin watching it. I like Rick, by my favourite is Daryl Dixon pictured there above.

The Zoo: I watch this show with my older daughter, but it's too scary for my younger one. Animals are becoming smarter, coordinating attacks on humans. The show is based on the book by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (on my TBR). 

Once Upon A Time: I love this show because I can watch it with both of my kids! I really wish that there were more shows like this that were suitable for younger viewers. I love the whole fairy tale world, but my younger daughter really didn't like the season where Emma turned bad.

Game of Thrones: No, this isn't on Netflix yet. However, my local library has the DVDs for each season, so I rent them from there! I am currently watching Season 4.

True BloodThis show is NOT on Netflix so, unfortunately, I haven't watched it in a very long time. I keep hoping that Netflix will pick it up sooner or later! I should check if my library carries the DVDs!

Lost: I loved this show! I loved everything about it: a show featuring plane crash survivors on a mysterious island with both science fiction and supernatural elements. I thought the show was very well done, and the flashback and flash-forward episodes were so unique but integral to the story. Remember Sawyer? Wait, let me pull up a pic:
Those dimples! Yes, I miss Sawyer, and I miss Lost. It is also on Netflix, although I haven't re-watched it yet.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I realize that this show has not been on the air since 2003, but it was one of my favourites! Thanks to Netflix, I can watch the entire series all over again! Vampires, slayers, werewolves, demons, witches - it has it all! Did I mention it has David Boreanaz?

Angel: You can't have one without the other, right? This is the spin-off from the Buffy series that features Angel (David Boreanaz), a vampire with a soul. It, too, is on Netflix (thank you!).

Alias: Sydney Bristow was one kick-ass chick! She was a double-agent for the CIA, and I loved how she constantly re-invented herself for whatever role she was trying to assume. This is probably one of very few shows that I watched that wasn't paranormal/fantasy!

Alright, so are you seeing a theme here? I definitely favour the fantasy/paranormal television shows, which coincides with the genres that like to read!

Here are some Fall Premieres that are on my radar (it is highly unlikely that I will have a chance to watch them, unless they are family-oriented and I can watch them with my kids or if they wind up on Netflix, LOL):

WHEN | Midseason
WHO | Vincent D’Onofrio (Daredevil), Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck), Florence Kasumba, Adria Arjona, Oliver Jackson-Cohen
WHAT | The “event” series is a modern and dark reimagining of the classic tale of Oz that includes lethal warriors, competing kingdoms, and the infamous wizard as we’ve never seen him before. A headstrong 20-year-old Dorothy Gale is unwittingly sent on a journey that thrusts her into the center of an epic and bloody battle for the control of Oz.


WHEN: Fridays at 9/8c
WHO: Geena Davis (Grey’s Anatomy), Brianne Howey (Scream Queens), Hannah Kasulka (The Fosters), Alfonso Herrera (Sense8), Ben Daniels (Flesh and Bone), Kurt Egyiawan (Beasts of No Nation)
WHAT: A modern reinvention inspired by William Blatty’s original 1971 book, the propulsive, serialized psychological thriller follows two very different men tackling one family’s case of horrifying demonic possession, and confronting the face of true evil.


WHEN: Mondays at 8:30/7:30c, moving to 8/7c on Oct. 24
WHO: Kevin James (The King of Queens), Erinn Hayes (Childrens Hospital), Taylor Spreitler (Melissa & Joey), Ryan Cartwright (Alphas, Bones), Lenny Venito (The Neighbors), Gary Valentine (The King of Queens)
WHAT: A newly retired police officer looking forward to spending more quality time with his wife and three kids discovers he faces much tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets.

I very rarely watch comedies, but I was a big fan of Kevin James in King of Queens so I think that I would enjoy this one!

WHEN: Midseason
WHO: François Arnaud (Blindspot), Dylan Bruce (Orphan Black, Heroes Reborn), Sarah Ramos (Parenthood), Arielle Kebbel (UnREAL), Peter Mensah (Sleepy Hollow), Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), Parisa Fitz-Henley, Yul Vasquez, Sean Bridgers
WHAT: A journey into a remote Texas town where no one is who they seem. From vampires and witches to psychics and hit men, Midnight is a mysterious safe haven for those who are different. As the town members fight off outside pressures from rowdy biker gangs, ever-suspicious cops and their own dangerous pasts, they band together and form a strong and unlikely family. Based on Charlaine Harris’ best-selling trilogy.


WHEN: Midseason
WHO: KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse (The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody), Lili Reinhart (Surviving Jack), Luke Perry (Beverly Hills, 90210), Mädchen Amick (Witches of East End), Marisol Nichols (Teen Wolf, 24), Camila Mendes, Ashleigh Murray, Madelaine Petsch, recurring guest stars Ross Butler, Daniel Yang and Cody Kearsley
WHAT: Set in present day and based on the iconic Archie Comics characters, this surprising and subversive take on Archie and friends explores the surrealism of small-town life — the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome façade.

This might be one that I could watch with my kids!

Van Helsing: I enjoyed the movies, so I think that I would probably enjoy the television show.

So, what are your favourite television shows and which of the fall premieres are on your radar? Please let me know in the comments, or leave me a link to your blog post if you are also participating in the meme!


  1. TWD and Supernatural made our list this week, too :) Hope you catch up on SPN soon :) And Daryl is totally my favorite as well!

    My TTT.

  2. Kevin Can Wait!! WHAT!? How Am I barely hearing about this! I Love Kevin James. I use to watch King of Queens all the time. I can't believe I forgot to put it on my list this week! My Top Ten Tuesday!

  3. I love The Walking Dead and I watched the first season of Zoo but haven't seen much of season 2. I liked it though. And I thought Alias was awesome!

    Riverdale I had not heard of, but with a premise like that I'm in! Hopefully that will be good! And I'm going to give Van Helsing a try too...

    1. I always find there are too many shows launching all at once, and too few of them make it! They should launch more shows at mid-season or even during the summer, like what they did with The Zoo. That was the only reason why we even had time for that one, because there was nothing else on, LOL!

  4. Good choices! I definitely want to try Midnight, Texas and Riverdale! :)

    Check out my TTT.

    1. I think Midnight, Texas is the one that I'm most looking forward to!

  5. If you're missing Sawyer need to try out USA's Colony. He's not quite as wise cracking but he still got those dimples plus on Colony he's married to Walking Dead's Rick's wife Lori so you get a two for one treat on this show.


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