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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Beckoning of Beautiful Things Book Tour: Guest Post and Giveaway with Calinda B.

Hi, everyone!

I am pleased to participate in the Book Tour hosted by Orangeberry Book Tours for Calinda B.'s The Beckoning of Beautiful Things.

About Calinda:
The Fun Part: Calinda B was told early on that she should be a writer. She heard frequent praise for her writing, as well as her sense of humor. Scoffing at such admonitions and praise, she went on to pursue her life of adventure, chock full of the things that make up a well-rounded adventurous life: music (yup, she was a singer in a rock and roll band), dance (even performed hip hop in Russia), rock climbing (ever hung from a rock wall a few stories up? Yikes!), fire walking (taught high-ranking Moscow fire officials how to walk the coals), kayaking, scuba diving (she's in love with sharks), travel, and falling in love again and again.

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two cats, she has now chosen to put fingers to keyboard and write - when she's not in pursuit of another adventure!

The Daily Grind: College educated and life-experienced, Calinda B has worked in the world of computers and technology for a long time. Before that she worked in the world of health and fitness, as well as art. Throughout her career she has relied on her writing abilities to write articles, ad copy and web content.

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Welcome to Darlene's Book Nook, Calinda!

Calinda has written a guest post, so I will now turn the floor over to her.

How to Avoid the Rejection Blues
By Calinda B.

I’m a creative. I create. Creatives put their creations out into the world saying, “Look at me! Look at what I did! Isn’t it wonderful?”

Some will agree. “Yes, it stirred me! It’s brilliant!” Some will disagree. “Gah! Pure garbage!” The critics will put on their knowing smiles and cite why your work is worth nothing to them. Or, if kind, they’ll say, “It’s good but not what I was looking for.”

When I got my first 1 star rating I was devastated. That person had rejected my hard work. She made fun of it. It didn’t matter that I got 10 times as many positive reviews. It didn’t matter that person after person said, “Great book! Really descriptive! Wow!” That ONE person called me out. She knew I was worthless as a writer. She was the one with The Truth. I was crushed. Humiliated. Beyond repair.

Well, guess what? People have opinions. Many reviews later, many opportunities and rejections later, I’ve learned a better truth than the one star reviewer – I’ve learned that a) I am a really good writer. b) There’s always room for improvement. c) If feedback is specific or helpful, I learn from it. d) If feedback is mean or spiteful or just plain wrong, I thank that person in my heart and move on.

See, I’m a creative. I was put on this planet to create. I might learn from your comments about my creations. I might ignore your rejection of my creations. But in the end I’m going to keep doing what I was born to do. I’m going to create, I’m going to take joy in my creations and maybe, just maybe, you will, too.
Thanks so much for joining us today, Calinda!

One lucky winner will win a digital copy of Calinda's Romantic Suspense/Thriller, The Beckoning of Beautiful Things!

SERIES: The Beckoning Series, Book #1
AUTHOR: Calinda B.
PUBLISHER: Sumner McKenzie, Inc.
FORMAT: E-book, 434 pages
GENRE: Romantic Suspense/Thriller

Artist Marissa Engles has hidden in a world of paint and sorrow, ever since her parents died eleven years ago. When she meets Daniel Navid, sparks fly – literally – from her fingers to his. She’s immediately swept from her pristine world into one of terrifying darkness, dazzling, electrifying light, and unimaginable sensual pleasures.

With her faithful Doberman by her side, Marissa uses her creative imagination to restore her Light Rebel skills. She comes face to face with pure evil - the demented sorcerer known as El Demonio de la Muerte.

El D’s got plans for her. He plans to charm her into forgetting she ever met Daniel Navid, the sexiest, most dangerous man she’s ever known.

Buy Link:

To enter the giveaway, please fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below. 

This giveaway is open worldwide until 12:00 AM CST on June 25, 2013. 
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