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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marlene Mitchell & Gary Yeagle Virtual Tour: Character Interview and Giveaway

Hi, everyone!

I am pleased to participate in Marlene Mitchell & Gary Yeagle's Virtual Tour hosted by Tomorrow Comes Media.

About Marlene:

Originally from St. Louis, Marlene makes her home in Kentucky now. A mother and grandmother, Marlene has a wide range of interests including watercolor and oil painting, yet writing has always been her passion. That comes through loud and clear in her wonderful novels!

These novels reflect a genuine sincerity with very strong characters to which her readers can relate. To quote Marlene: “It took me a long time to start writing, but now I can’t stop. The stories just keep on coming.”

About Gary:

Gary Yeagle was born and raised in Williamsport, Pa., the birthplace of Little League Baseball. He grew up living just down the street from the site of the very first Little League game, played in 1939.

He currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife and four cats. He is the proud grandparent of three and is an active member of the Jeffersontown United Methodist Church. Gary is a Civil War buff, and enjoys swimming, spending time at the beach, model railroading, reading, and writing.

 Welcome to Darlene's Book Nook, Marlene & Gary!

Marlene & Gary have written a guest post, so I will now turn the floor over to them!

Interview conducted between Bradley Miles, reporter for the Mountain Press and J.J. Pickler, owner of J.J.’s Junk Emporium.

Bradley Miles: “Mr. Pickler. It is our understanding that you have just recently turned yourself into the Sevierville Police after leaving town mysteriously following a brutal murder at the Junk Emporium, which you are the owner of.”

J.J. Pickler: “That’s correct. I’ve been gone for nearly two weeks.”

Miles: “You realize that during your unannounced absence, that you were considered a person of interest in the murder of Butch Miller.”

Pickler: “Yes, but after being questioned by the police I have been exonerated as a possible suspect. I can assure you, I’m not the Smoky Mountain Killer.”

Miles: “Let’s go back to that horrible morning if you will, when you discovered the mangled body of the victim. What can you tell us about the moment when you realized what had happened?”

Pickler: “I can’t actually tell you what happened. I can only tell you the way I felt at that moment when I stumbled across the body. It’s rather hard to explain Miller’s condition when I first saw it. It really didn’t even resemble a body. I guess the best way to explain what I saw was that it looked like a pile of raw meat.”

Miles: “We understand from the police report that the horrific condition of the body was from the attack of your three guard dogs.”

Pickler: “That is also correct. I have a lot of valuable auto parts in a large fenced in area of my business. The property is posted against trespassing and warning signs are posted as well letting intruders know that there are vicious dogs loose at night inside the fence.”

Miles: “Then the dogs did kill Miller?”

Pickler: “Yes, that’s true. The police, however have established from clues found at the scene, that Miller was bound and gagged and then placed inside the fencing. Now, whether he was conscious when the dogs pounced on him, they are not sure.”

Miles: “According to the police report, Miller’s fingers were amputated with some sort of a tool, just like the two previous murders we’ve had over in Blount County earlier this year. Do you think Miller’s death was the work of the Smoky Mountain Killer?”

Pickler: “Yes, I do.”

Miles: “Did you know either one of the first two victims?”

Pickler: “No, I didn’t know either one of them. Well, let me rephrase that. I did see from time to time the name of Mildred Henks, the second victim, on a number of real estate signs. I guess she was a real estate agent here in the area.”

Miles: “If you as you say, had nothing to do with the Miller’s murder, then why did you run off and disappear for two weeks?”

Pickler: “I was scared out of my wits! That’s why. Then police haven’t released all of the clues that were discovered at the crime scene. There was a note duct taped to the fence. The note said: Pickler. You’re next! I wasn’t about to hang around and become the next victim.”

Miles: “Now that the police have eliminated you as a suspect how has your life changed?”

Pickler: “I’m still scared. I have no idea why I’m be tagged as the killer’s next victim. That being said. I have a license to carry my 45 caliber revolver with him which I will continue to do until the killer is caught. Until the incident at my junkyard, Blount County seemed to be the area where the killer was operating. But now, these brutal murders have come over here to Sevier County. No one is safe, until this maniac is captured.”
Thanks so much for joining us today, Marlene & Gary!

About the Books:

In the fall of 1969 in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, a poor backwoods farmer and his wife were brutally shot and killed by four drunken hunters, along with their three dogs, horse and two fawns. The farmer’s two young sons managed to escape but were unable to identify the killers. Now decades later, the murders of the Pender family remain unsolved. In Townsend, Tennessee, in Blount County, someone has decided to take revenge.

It’s springtime in the Smokies and despite the four murders of the previous year, tourists from every corner of the country have made the journey to Townsend, Tennessee. The hiking trails are packed, the restaurants are jammed, and the campsites are full. Vacation season is in full swing in the peaceful side of the Smokies.

But then… there is another murder.

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