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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

#Book #Review: 4 out of 5 stars for Mirrored by Alex Flinn @Alex_Flinn @harperteen

TITLE: Mirrored
SERIES: Kendra Chronicles, Book #3
AUTHOR: Alex Flinn
PUBLICATION DATE: September 15, 2015
FORMAT: Hardcover
LENGTH: 384 pages
GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy, Retellings
ISBN: 9780062134516
Mirror, mirror in my hand…

Beauty is the key to everything. At least, that’s how it seems to Violet—ugly, bullied, and lonely. To be beautiful, in her eyes, is to have power and love. And when Kendra, the witch, teaches Violet how to use magic, she may finally get what she wants.

For Celine, beautiful since birth, her looks have been a hindrance. She discovers that beauty is also a threat—especially to her stepmother, Violet, who doesn’t want anyone sharing the attention she worked so hard to get and who will do anything to be the fairest of them all.

But beauty isn’t only skin deep and love isn’t based on looks alone. And though Violet and Celine may seem to be completely opposite, their lives are almost… mirrored.


I read the second book in this series, Bewitching, back in January 2018. The more that I read about Kendra, the more I like her!

The first part of the story is told from Violet's point of view back in the 80s, when she was a quiet, shy 10-year-old girl. She was plain and homely and didn't really have any friends, except Greg. They were friends for about three years. Then one summer he went away to camp and promised to stay in touch, but they didn't. When Violet saw Greg when school resumed in the fall, he was taller and cuter and wanted to hang with the pretty girls. He was particularly infatuated with Jennifer, the bane of Violet's existence. Violet meets Kendra, and all Violet wants is to be beautiful because then she thinks she'll get Greg back. With her magic, Kendra gives Violet what she desires but it doesn't make her dreams come true. Violet also has powers of her own, and she learns how to wield them under Kendra's tutelage. Violet makes a dog attack Jennifer to disfigure her, but it doesn't change Greg's feelings for her.

Then the story moves forward to the present. Jennifer and Greg have married, and they have a daughter named Celine. This part of the story is told from Celine's point of view. We learn that her mother, Jennifer, was plagued by animal attacks her entire life. Birds and squirrels chased her, and she was attacked by more than one dog. So, why the heck would you take your child to the zoo?? Yup, that's exactly what Jennifer does. Jennifer thinks she recognizes one of the zoo's tour guides, who reminds her of Violet, but of course this young woman couldn't possibly be Violet because she looks too young for them to have gone to school together! Of course, the inevitable happens...Jennifer is attacked by a monkey at the zoo and suffers severe internal injuries and dies. Violet seizes the opportunity to jump back into Greg's life, and soon they are married and Violet is step-mom to Celine. Everything is great at first, until Violet sees Celine as a threat because she's becoming more beautiful every day.

The third part of the story is narrated by Celine's friend, Goose. I loved him! He is such a great guy, and there is nothing that he wouldn't do for Celine.

I really enjoyed this Snow White retelling! Violet made a great wicked stepmother, but she maybe was a bit too evil! It was sad to see how jealous she was, and her obsession with Greg for all those years was just a little creepy. I get that she wanted revenge on Jennifer and wanted to make her pay, but to really actually kill someone?? I went from feeling a bit sorry for Violet to really disliking her! Kendra, tsk tsk tsk. How could you let Violet turn out this way??

I'm looking forward to reading the last book in this series, Beheld.


4 stars!! It was really good, and you should put it on your TBR if you enjoy fairy tale retellings!

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