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Saturday, December 30, 2017

#Audiobook #Review: 4 out of 5 stars for Behind the Plaid by Eliza Knight @ElizaKnight @TantorAudio

SERIES: Highland Bound, Book #1
AUTHOR: Eliza Knight
NARRATORS: Antony Ferguson and Arika Rapson
PUBLISHER: Tantor Audio
PUBLICATION DATE: June 24, 2014 (first published 2013)
FORMAT: Unabridged audiobook
LENGTH: 8 hrs and 14 mins
GENRE: Romance/Historical Romance, Science Fiction/Time Travel
Emma Gordon escapes from a troubling marriage in which she has completely lost sight of who she is. Desperate for independence, she leaves her husband while on a trip in the Scottish Highlands. The only thing is, she ends up hurled back in time to the 16th-century Castle Gealach.

Laird Logan Grant is tormented by a dark past and harbors a secret that could tear his country apart. Unable to resist Emma's beauty and the calm that she invokes, Logan confesses he desires her.

Despite her own reservations, Emma longs to get close to Logan, even while she is desperate to return to her own era. In the end, she embarks on a daring, passionate affair that rocks her to the very core.


This was a trashy delight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

For one of my reading challenges, I needed a book with a title that "implied" colour so I scanned titles on Hoopla and found this one with "plaid" in the title. This is why I love reading challenges, because this is probably something that I would not have ordinarily picked up because I don't consider myself a "romance" reader but I was delighted with this pick!

The main character is 26-year-old Emma, who is vacationing at a bed and breakfast in the Scottish Highlands with her rich, domineering husband, Steven, and her equally overbearing mother-in-law. At the tender age of 18, Emma lost her parents and younger brother in a plane crash. Left all alone in the world save for a troubled aunt who is in and out of rehab, Emma had no one. She met Steven at her college campus. An invitation to lunch one day turned into dinner dates. Emma was looking for someone to take care of her, and Steven seemed to fit the bill. He wanted a woman to provide him with an heir to his fortune but, once the verbal abuse started, Emma secretly started taking birth control because she couldn't bear to subject an innocent child to his abuse. 

After a loud argument at the B&B, Steven sent Emma to their room and someone slipped a business card under the door to a taxi service. Emma saw this as her chance to escape an awful marriage. She grabbed her suitcase and some of Steven's money and met the taxi across the street. She had intended on going to the train station, but she asked the driver to stop at the historic site of Castle Gealach that Emma had visited earlier with Steven. The castle was now in ruins, but she was drawn to it. Because of the stormy weather, the driver suggested that she come back another time but Emma was not to be deterred. Emma was touching one of the stones in the castle wall when there was a flash of lightning and she was thrown to the ground. When she awoke, she was in a different time and space. She had travelled back almost 500 years to the 16th century, and she was found by the laird and chief of the castle, Logan.

Logan awakens something inside Emma that she never knew that she had. She feels that this is her second chance at life, to be a different Emma than she was before. Logan had always been a playboy with multiple lovers, but Emma was different. Similarly, she stirred something in him that made him want only her and he had no interest in being with anyone else.

Whew, this book was smoking hot! There is lots of graphic sex and dirty talk, so be forewarned if you like your romances more on the sweeter side. For me, I quite enjoyed it and I'm definitely planning to continue on in the series!

I enjoyed the dual narration by Arika Rapson (Emma) and Antony Ferguson (Logan). Both narrators are new to me, and it took me a bit to warm to Ferguson's Scottish brogue. At times, Rapson could be slightly nasally but overall both narrators did a good job. Here is a sample of the narration:


4 stars!! It was really good, and you should put it on your TBR list if you enjoy historical time-travel romances.

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