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Friday, September 29, 2017

September Wrap-up

Another month that has flown by! It was a very busy month, with getting the kids back into the school routine. My younger daughter joined Running Club, and my older daughter joined band so we are doing private music lessons for her. Juggling the extra-curricular stuff is always a struggle. My younger daughter was ill on the September long weekend, and then my older daughter has been sick for the past week but finally is back at school. Let's hope the bad germs stay away for the rest of the season!

We also had out-of-town family visiting last week, and I had to get the house ready for that. I was also busy closing the pool for the season, so I haven't had a lot of time to read this month.

I only finished four books this month! That's my lowest this year. Now, having said that, I have been listening to It by Stephen King for the past two and a half weeks which is 45 hrs long so that definitely affects my monthly total. I could have finished three more audiobooks in the time that I've spent listening to It so far! Here's the bad news: I borrowed It from my library on Overdrive and my hold expires on Sunday, and it's highly doubtful that I'll be able to finish it by then! I'm about 63% finished and there are 34 holds after me, so I guess I have to get back into the queue and wait until it's my turn again :(


5 stars
by Gretchen McNeil

4 stars
Hide from Evil
by Jami Alden
(Dead Wrong, Book #2)


4 stars
by Cheryl Strayed


2 stars
False Flag
by John Altman

Possess is, by far, my favourite of the month! I was riveted from start to finish. I also really enjoyed Wild, which is a nonfiction autobiography and travel memoir. I had spent some time hiking last month while on vacation, so I think that's why I found it particularly interesting. Hide from Evil was a good follow-up to the first one in the series, but it wasn't as good. Still, I plan to continue on in the series.

My least favourite book was False Flag. It started off great and had good potential, but it went downhill from there. It didn't hold my interest, and the book dragged. It was a struggle to get through it.

I discovered two new authors, and I continued on in one series.

January Wrap-up: 10 books
[3 shelf-love, 5 library, 2 review]

[2 shelf-love, 5 library, 2 review]

March Wrap-up: 7 books
[5 shelf-love, 2 review]

April Wrap-up: 8 books
[6 shelf-love, 2 review]

May Wrap-up: 8 books
[1 shelf-love, 1 library, 6 review]

June Wrap-up: 9 books
[1 shelf-love, 3 library, 5 review]

July Wrap-up: 6 books
[2 library, 4 review]

August Wrap-up: 8 books
[4 shelf-love, 2 library, 2 review]

September Wrap-up: 4 books
[2 shelf-love, 1 library, 1 review]

Year to date total: 69 books
[24 shelf-love, 19 library, 26 review]

So, how was your September? What was your favourite book? Least favourite? Please let me know in the comments! I'd love to add your favourites to my TBR :)


  1. I loved Wild, and glad to see you liked it too! Happy October!

  2. 4 books is still great going. I know 45 hours - what a lot of listening. I think probably the only books I have read/listened to near that length would be the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon.

  3. IT is a long book, but it is worth the time. :)


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