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Thursday, September 21, 2017

#Book #Review: 4 out of 5 stars for Hide from Evil by Jami Alden @jamialden @ForeverRomance

SERIES: Dead Wrong, Book #2
AUTHOR: Jami Alden
PUBLISHER: Forever Romance
PUBLICATION DATE: November 1, 2011
FORMAT: Paperback
LENGTH: 398 pages
GENRE: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9780446572798
Like a chess master, he carefully weighs his next move . . . advancing slowly until he is sure he can capture his helpless pawn. For in his mind, there's no way to . . .

Hide From Evil

Sean Flynn should feel lucky he's alive. But a betrayal by a close friend-and two years on death row-has left him feeling only numb. When his conviction was overturned, Sean retreated to a quiet woodland cabin, far away from prying eyes. There, he believed, the past couldn't come back to haunt him . . . until she showed up.

Overcome with guilt, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Krista Slater can't forgive herself for convicting an innocent man. But when another brutal murder reveals chilling, new facts about his case, she must turn to Sean for help. She's ready to face his anger, but the desire in his eyes ignites a need she's never felt before. Shadowed by danger, Sean and Krista uncover a twisted maze of deception and betrayal-all under the dangerous gaze of a cunning mastermind who will do whatever it takes to keep his evil secrets safe.


It’s been approximately one year since I read the first one in this series, Beg for Mercy. Though not as good as its predecessor, I still really enjoyed it and already bought the next book in the series!

Krista Slater was the prosecuting attorney who wrongly convicted Sean Flynn, and he narrowly escaped execution. Those events took place in the earlier book, 
Beg for Mercy. At the outset of the second book in the series, Krista still can’t let it go and is determined to get to the bottom of the case. She even hires a private investigator at her own cost to find out more details about the real serial killer, Nate Brewster, and the prostitution ring that was being run out of the high-end nightclub. When another man is killed that has ties to both Nate and Sean, Krista reaches out to Sean for his help. He wants nothing to do with her! He wants to stay out of it, but Krista won’t give up. She even resorts to sabotaging her own car, hoping that Sean will let her stay with him while her car is being repaired. Sean planned to take her to a local bed and breakfast to stay for the night, but the owner has closed for the season and he is forced to let Krista stay with him. On the way back to his rural cabin, they are nearly run off the road. Someone is out to kill them, and Sean is forced to work with Krista to uncover the truth to save them both.

The story was fast-paced, and the majority of the events happened over several days. I have to admit that I wasn’t as crazy for Krista’s and Sean’s relationship as I was about Megan’s and Cole’s in the first book. With Megan and Cole, they were old flames and their relationship was rekindled. With Krista and Sean, it was more a case of enemies to lovers and it felt too rushed for me. I can’t deny the chemistry and passion that Alden put into their relationship, but it was too "instalove" for my liking. I would have preferred that there was a trust built between them first, or at least a repair in their relationship. My favourite character in the story is Sean’s buddy, Ibarra. I loved all his high-tech gadgetry and how eager he was to help Sean, no questions asked. I want to know more about Ibarra, and I hope that Alden features him in his own story in the series! For now, I’m looking forward to continuing with the next book in the series, Run from Fear.


4 stars!! It was really good, and you should put it in your TBR if you enjoy steamy Romantic Suspense!

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