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Thursday, December 8, 2016

#Book #Review: 5 out of 5 stars for The Christmas Angel Project by Melody Carlson @melodycarlson @RevellBooks

AUTHOR: Melody Carlson 
PUBLISHER: Fleming H. Revell Company
PUBLICATION DATE: August 30, 2016
FORMAT: Hardcover
LENGTH: 176 pages
GENRE: Holiday/Christmas, Inspirational
ISBN: 9780800722692
Perfect for readers who want a heartwarming and hopeful Christmas story

Five women from different walks of life have become close friends through their book club--enjoying one another's company even more than they enjoy the books. So when the leader of the book club unexpectedly passes away on the cusp of the Christmas season, the four remaining friends are stunned. They relied on Abby for inspiration and motivation. She was the glue that held them together, and they're sure that without her the group can't continue.

When the group gathers "one last time" to open a bag Abby's husband gives them, they find Abby had made each of them an angel ornament for Christmas, crafted especially for each woman and accompanied by a sweet and personal note. Inspired by their beloved friend, together Cassidy, Louisa, Grace, and Belinda decide to commit themselves to becoming Christmas Angels to others in need. Each woman will use her life situation and talents to reach out and help others in her own unique way--little knowing that her own life and her relationships will be changed forever.

Fan favorite Melody Carlson is back with another touching Christmas story sure to grip readers' hearts and perhaps inspire them to become Christmas Angels themselves.


Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, The Christmas Angel Project is the perfect holiday read!

Abby Wentworth started a book club group more than 15 years ago with eight members, which then got whittled down to five: 45-year-old Belinda Michaels who is a single mom and thrift store owner, widowed 63-year-old Louisa Van Horn who is Abby’s oldest friend and mentor, Grace Westland who was the latest newcomer to the group and a designer, 34-year-old Cassidy who is a veterinarian, and of course Abby. After being stricken with ovarian cancer nine years earlier, Abby’s bookish friends became so much more than just her “book group” friends. They were her support system, and her friends took turns taking her to doctor’s appointments, holding her hair back when she was sick after her chemotherapy sessions, and just being good friends who were there when she needed them. Abby was the one in the group that was best known for her kind heart and unselfish nature. When Abby’s sudden death rocks the group, their initial plan is to have a final farewell and disband the book club. However, when Abby’s husband provides them with a bag of handmade angels that Abby made for each of her dearest friends, they hatch a plan become “Christmas Angels,” doing good deeds for others and making better use of the time that they have left on this earth.

I absolutely LOVED this book! Five stars is not enough. I would give it more if I could! Abby’s death is so heartbreaking and tragic, and it shatters her friends. Understandably, they are angry with God for taking away their dear friend who they need with them. She was the glue that held the group together! Because of her death and their decision to honour her memory with their Christmas Angel pact, each of the ladies grows and changes and becomes a better person. It is truly one of those inspiring “feel good” stories, where there is meaning in death. I think my favourite character was Grace. She was often jealous of Cassidy, because Abby was like a mother to her and Grace worried needlessly that Cassidy was trying to steal Abby’s friendship away from her. Grace’s character evolved from being insecure, selfish, and attention-seeking to a true Christmas Angel!

This book truly captures the Spirit of Christmas, and I absolutely adored it! Melody Carlson is a new-to-me author, and I am eager to read more of her books.


5 stars!! It was superb! I loved it and will likely re-read it again in the future. You should definitely put it on your TBR list if you enjoy "feel-good" stories!

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  1. Lovely review Darlene, I can't wait to read this one. I have it on this weekends reading pile.


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