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Friday, December 23, 2016

#Audiobook #Review: 5 out of 5 stars for The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado @MaxLucado @OasisAudio

AUTHOR: Max Lucado
NARRATOR: Greg Whalen
PUBLISHER: Oasis Audio
PUBLICATION DATE: October 25, 2006
FORMAT: Unabridged audiobook
LENGTH: 1 hrs and 43 mins
GENRE: Holiday/Christmas, Religious/Inspirational
When a mysterious angel suddenly appears in a lowly candle-maker's shop, the holy and the human collide in a way that only God could imagine. Glowing bright with a timeless message, The Christmas Candle will warm your heart with a surprising reminder of God's bountiful love.


This is a captivating Christmas story about hope, faith, and love!

The book starts off in 1664, with a candlemaker witnessing a miraculous event. He sees a glowing figure touch one of the candles, and then the figure vanishes. The touched candle glows for a short time. The candlemaker was puzzled by what he just witnessed, but he slipped the candle into his pocket before making his way to church. Touched by the plight of a widowed woman who did not have any food for her family, the candlemaker's wife gave the candle to the widow and told her to light it and say a prayer. On Christmas, the tradition in the church is for people to stand up and tell others of their blessings. The widow stands up and tells everyone that a wealthy uncle gifted her with a farm, so that she could lease the land to earn an income and support her family! Coincidence, or something more?

The visits continue every 25 years, and the angel visits only this particular candlemaker as well as his descendants. The story then moves ahead to 1864, and the village is expecting another visit from the angel that year. The angel does make an appearance, but the candlemaker stumbles in his sleepy stupor and knocks all the candles over so he does not know which one was the one that was blessed! He certainly can’t tell the villagers what happened, so he hands out his candles and tells the people to light them and pray. He knows that someone will receive the blessed candle, but he just isn’t sure who!

I absolutely loved this Christmas story! The candlemaker and his wife spread hope to everyone, and the results are not what they expect! It was a great inspirational story, and a good reminder of what it means to have faith and the power of prayer. This is the kind of book that I enjoy reading at Christmas-time, and I know that I will be re-reading it again next year!

Greg Whalen is a new-to-me narrator, and he held me in rapt attention! Here is a sample:



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