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Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Review - Real Science-4-Kids: Biology, Level I by Dr. Rebecca W. Keller

TITLE: Real Science-4-Kids: Biology, Level I
SERIES: Real Science-4-Kids
AUTHOR: Dr. Rebecca W. Keller 
PUBLISHER: Gravitas Publications, Inc.
FORMAT: Hardcover, 71 pages
GENRE: Non-fiction, Science
ISBN: 9780974914923
Real Science-4-Kids Biology, Level I, presents college-level biological concepts at a 4th and 5th grade reading level. Chapters include topics such as taxonomy, the cell, the specialized organelle (the chloroplast), plants, protozoa, frog and butterfly life cycles, ecosystems and cycles.


I read this non-fiction book aloud to my children. 

This book is divided into ten chapters, and then sub-divided into sections varying between four to eight parts. At the end of each section is a summary before moving on to the next chapter.

We really liked this science book. The content is age-appropriate, and there is a great glossary of scientific terms at the back of the book.  Although the chapters on life cycles (flowers, butterflies and frogs) and plants (photosynthesis, parts of a plant, and how a plant grows) did not really contain any new information for my Grade 4 daughter, the chapters on taxonomy, cells, and protists provided good information at an introductory level.


4 stars! We really enjoyed it and would recommend it!!

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