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Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Quarter Review Link-up for Kinsey Millhone Reading Challenge

Hi, everyone!

This is the 2012 First Quarter (January to March) Review Link-up for the Kinsey Millhone Reading Challenge.

Each quarter, there will be a new Review Link-up post and I will keep a list of all the link-up posts HERE. I look forward to reading your reviews!

If you are looking for the Challenge Sign-up post, click HERE.


  1. Finished I is for Innocent. :) Enjoyed it and can't wait to continue the series and hopefully sometime this year complete it.

  2. Read the first in the series, started with A. Read a few years ago, but forgot where I left off, so just started over. Linked to review on Goodreads./bj

  3. I'm breezing right on through this series. Linked above are reviews for books B, C, D & E. "E is for Evidence" is the best book of the series so far.


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