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Sunday, January 22, 2012

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

PUBLISHER: Hachette Audio
DATE OF PUBLICATION: January 25, 2011

FORMAT: Unabridged Audiobook, 7 hours and 21 minutes
GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy


Valerie's sister was beautiful, kind, and sweet. Now she is dead. Henry, the handsome son of the blacksmith, tries to console Valerie, but her wild heart beats fast for another: the outcast woodcutter, Peter, who offers Valerie another life far from home.

After her sister's violent death, Valerie's world begins to spiral out of control. For generations, the werewolf has been kept at bay with a monthly sacrifice. But no one is safe. When an expert wolf hunter arrives, the villagers learn that the creature lives among them - it could be anyone in town.

It soon becomes clear that Valerie is the only one who can hear the voice of creature. The Wolf says she must surrender herself before the Blood Moon wanes...or everyone she loves will die.


I love fairy tale re-tellings, and this one did not disappoint. This version is based on the 2011 screenplay starring Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, and Lukas Haas.

Each month, the villagers of Daggerhorn offer a sacrifice (such as a goat) to the werewolf to appease him. It is a small price to pay to keep the residents safe. That is, until the Blood Red Moon appears. Legend has it that any person who is bit by the werewolf during the four-day period that the Blood Red Moon appears will be turned into a werewolf. When the body count starts to rise, no one is safe!

This book kept me guessing at every turn! Just when I thought that I had it all figured out, then came another twist. Blakley-Cartwright did a wonderful job keeping me on my toes, and who wouldn’t fall for both Henry and Peter?! Their characters are wonderful, strong alpha males. Having one alpha male in a book is wonderful, but two – wow! Henry is the village’s prime bachelor, who comes from a wealthy family. Peter, on the other hand, is a lowly woodcutter. The lucky girl torn between the two men is, Valerie, a woodcutter’s daughter.

Some people may be put off by the book because there is no ending. I knew this going in, so it wasn’t a problem for me. You can go to the book’s website and download the extra chapter, or you can simply watch the movie to see how it all ends.

I never like to see the movie before reading the book, so I was careful not to watch any previews or movie trailers before reading the book. I actually didn’t even know which actors were featured in the movie until I looked it up to write this review. I can’t wait to see whether the movie lives up to the book!

This is my first narration by Moon, and I thought she did a great job. Her voice built up at the dramatic points, and the instrumental music accompaniment was a great enhancement!

MY RATING: 4 stars!! I really enjoyed it and recommend it to others who enjoy fairy tale re-tellings!

Thoughts on the movie: Gary Oldman was phenomenal, as always! He, alone, is worth the watch! Amanda Seyfried and Shiloh Fernandez as Valerie and Peter were great. I thought they had a lot of chemistry. Unfortunately, I didn't think Max Irons suited the role of Henry. Even though I knew what was going to happen in the movie, I still jumped! Fans of the book will enjoy the movie.

This book qualifies as:
#4 for my 2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 
#2 for my 2012 Young Adult Audiobook Challenge
#2 for my 2012 Audio Book Challenge  

#1 for my 2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
#1 of Category 4 for my 2012 Immortal Reading Challenge
Task #6 for my The Eclectic Reader 2012 Challenge  
#1 for my 2012 Fairy Tales Retold Challenge
Task #6 of the Book 2 Movie 2012 Challenge
#3 for my New Author Reading Challenge 2012
#1 for my Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012
#3 for my 2012 Young Adult Reading Challenge
#4 for my Speculative Fiction Challenge 2012
Letter R for my A-Z Book Challenge 2012 
#1 for my 2012 Fairy Tale Challenge
Task #2 for my 2012 The Color Coded Reading Challenge
January's Task for my 2012 Rainbow Reading Challenge

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  1. Hi Darlene,
    I didn't read the book but I watched the movie last week. I have no way to compare them but the movie was okay - a few too many arty shots for me.
    Thanks for sharing your review for the Eclectic Reader Challenge!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. I haven't read the book, but I really enjoyed the movie... mostly for the gorgeous setting :). I'd like to read this book eventually, maybe in a few years once I can't remember as much about the movie. Great review!
    ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte - 2012 YA Audiobook Challenge

  3. I am replying to this one so very late, but I was so excited to see this book featured! It is currently sitting on my shelf of books to read, and I am patiently waiting to see the movie once the book is complete. Your review makes me want to move it up on my list and get to it sooner rather than later!


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