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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review and Interview with B.K. Bostick, author of Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure

Hi, everyone!

I am thrilled to participate in B.K. Bostick's Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure
Virtual Book Tour sponsored by Cedar Fort Inc. We will be joined today by the author of Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure, B.K. Bostick.

Author Interview:

Welcome to Darlene's Book Nook, B.K.! Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in a small town, spending most of my Friday nights cow-tipping and blowing up ants with M-80's. After high school, I settled around Salt Lake City, Utah. I've been an elementary school teacher and jr. high school counselor. In addition to writing, I love spending time with my lovely wife and two dogs. In my spare time, I enjoy eating Cheetos and watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone.

Do you recall when your interest in writing originated?

Ever since I can remember, I've loved to write. When I was in third grade, a teacher accused me of plagiarizing and used my paper as an example (only I didn't plagiarize). I took it as a compliment and started writing more.

Do you have a specific writing style? Any quirks or superstitious routines you stick to?

I love character driven stories- Jerry Spinelli, Louis Sachar, Judy Blume. I want my characters to come across as authentic, otherwise, you won’t really care what happens to them. I tend to write in marathon sessions for hours at a time. I put a do not disturb sign on the door, grab a 20 oz. Mountain Dew and a king size pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Then I sit and stare at the screen for about a half hour. Soon, the caffeine and sugar kick in and I’m off and typing.

Do you use paper and pen, old-fashioned typewriter, or computer/laptop? Is there a specific place that you like to write? Music or solitude?

I threaten my wife that I’m going to take a typewriter in the woods like Thoreau, but I use a laptop. I mostly write from my office (it has a great view of the mountains) and I need it to be absolutely quiet.

What inspired you to write this book?

My Grandpa Jay did. When I was little, he’d tell me these wild stories about Spanish treasure hidden up in the mountains - conquistadors, cougars, traps, and Indians. He’d show me maps and books all about it. Just like the grandpa in the story, he was bed ridden and never could actually take me to search for the gold mines, so I just had to imagine we did. When I was a teenager, he passed away and I took some friends and using his old maps and books, we’d go searching and camping. We never found anything, but had a great time. Those memories and friendships were the real treasures gained on the outings. While we prospected, I started to think up the story of Dead Man’s Treasure. Fifteen years later, I finally sat down and wrote it.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

The first ten pages were the most difficult. Once I got that far, the juices started flowing and it became easier. The characters came to life and while I hate outlining, once I did, it helped because I knew where I was headed.

Growing up, were you more like Huber Hill or Scott McCormick?

Probably more like Huber- a little bit on the timid side, but tenacious when I resolved to do something. Plus, I was deathly terrified of talking to girls- just like Huber.

Are any of the characters based on someone you know?

Grandpa Nick was based on my Granpda Jay. Scott is loosely based on a friend I had growing up. We were pretty much exact opposites, but for some reason ended up being the best of friends- even to this day.

I borrowed some characteristics of Hannah from my wife - strong, independent, but still feminine.

Is your book historically accurate with respect to the conflict between the Spaniards and the Ute Indian Tribe?

More oral histories and folklore, but nothing is really documented or proven- of course if my grandpa heard me say that I'd get a tongue lashing for sure :)

Can you tell us a little about your current and upcoming writing projects?

Huber Hill is a trilogy. The second book, Huber Hill and the Brotherhood of Coronado will be released in October, 2012. The adventure will continue in Spain.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

When is that? I love to play tennis, basketball, ski, and (don’t tell your kids this) play X-box and veg out.

Who is your favourite author and what really strikes you about their work?

I love Jerry Spinelli. His characters and stories are so real to me. His knack for capturing the innocence and inherent joy of growing up are unparalleled.

What book are you reading now?

The Maze Runner by James Dashner and Janitors by Tyler Whitesides.

Do you have any specific last thoughts that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you so much for investing your time in the story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Please check out the fundraiser I’m doing for my twelve year old neighbor- Every pre-order and book sale during the first two weeks will go to her.

Also check out the Dead Man's Treasure trailer at:

Snappy questions and answers:

Favourite colour? Forest green.

Favourite food?
Philly cheese steak.

Dog-lover or cat-lover? Dogs (we have two-Gromitt and Layla).

Vanilla ice cream or chocolate? Swirl (Best of both worlds).

Beer or wine?
Mountain Dew.

City slicker or country boy?
Country boy exiled to the city.

If I could take an all-expenses paid trip anywhere in the world, I would go to...
Winnipeg, Canada!

Ah, B.K. - you sure know how to butter up a girl! :)

Thank you so much for joining us today, B.K.! It was a lot of fun getting to know you better!

If you would like to learn more about B.K. and his books, his contact information is below:


Author Talk's Bryan Keith Interviews B.K. Bostick:


TITLE: Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure
SERIES: Huber Hill Trilogy, Book 1
AUTHOR: B.K. Bostick
PUBLISHER: Sweetwater Books, an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc.
DATE OF PUBLICATION: October 8, 2011
FORMAT: Hardcover, 288 pages
GENRE: Young Adults, Middle-Grade Fiction
ISBN: 978-1599559117


When his grandfather dies, Huber Hill is devastated---until he opens Grandpa Nick's mysterious box. An old gold coin and directions to a hidden Spanish treasure send him and his friends off on an mind-blowing adventure, but he's not the only one on the hunt. Filled with dangerous animals and cryptic puzzles, this book will have you on the edge of your seat until the last page.


I received this ARC for review from Cedar Fort, Inc. as part of the author's virtual book tour. I did not receive any compensation for my review, and the views expressed herein are my own.

Wow, what an adventure!

When I read the synopsis, I knew I would enjoy this book. But even I wasn't prepared for what a fun, captivating read this was going to be!

Huber Hill is a 15-year old boy who has the misfortune of being antagonized by the class bully, Scott McCormick. Every person will be able to connect with Huber because we have all been in that position at one time or another. He is an extremely likeable protagonist.

Huber and his twin sister, Hannah, are extremely close to their Grandpa Nick. I love how Bostick portrays the closeness of their relationship. The kids are devastated when Grandpa Nick dies, but he leaves them a secret map that is supposed to lead to the Dead Man's Treasure hidden in the mountains.

Bostick throws in a creepy villain, puzzling clues, and a twist that makes this book a thrilling read!

As a parent, I love the many teachable moments that Bostick has created within the novel which act as a springboard to meaningful discussions with my children that include topics such as: death and grief, bullying, forgiveness, family dischord, keeping secrets, and money.

Fans of Indiana Jones or the Goonies will love this fast-paced adventure!
I think it is a perfect middle-grade read which appeals to both boys and girls. As an adult, I enjoyed the book thoroughly and thought how much I would have loved to read a book like this when I was younger. My kids are little young yet for this, but I know they will enjoy it every bit as much as I did when they are a bit older! The ending sets the reader up for the next adventure, and I cannot wait to continue this series!

MY RATING: 5 stars!!
I loved it, and I can't rave enough about it! Highly recommended!

This book qualifies as:

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  1. I really enjoyed your interview with B.K. Bostick. I think he made a few things up just to sound more mysterious. Cow Tipping??? Do people really do that? Mountains in Utah???? I don't think so.

    Sounds like a good book, though ... even if there are no cows or mountains in it!

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