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Thursday, July 7, 2011

RSS Feed Issues

Hi, everyone!

I am aware that there is a problem with the RSS feed for both RSS and email subscriptions. It looks like you are receiving not just the blog entries but all the comments as well. I'm so sorry about that! I have contacted Feedburner and am trying to get this fixed but their customer support is not so great :(

Within the next 24 hours, I will be switching over to a new feed and you should be automatically re-directed to the new one which will have just the blog posts and not all the comments. I hope the transition is smooth. If for any reason the feed transfer does not work and you wind up with an error message, I hope that you will come back and resubscribe to the new feed!

My apologies for all this, and I hope that you will stick with me as we get all the kinks worked out!


  1. How interesting that you note you are having feedburner issues. I logged on this evening to find that I'd lost 250 subscribers in a matter of hours... hopefully they are just having some general issues and the they will be resolved soon.

    Thanks for the heads up that I hadn't gotten the link up posted yet. Things have been crazy and I totally forgot about it.

  2. I was wondering....glad to know you are aware of it. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Teresa & Margaret!

    Unfortunately, there was no way for me to transfer RSS feed subscribers to the new feed, so I have lost them :( There may have been a way to do it, but I did not receive any support from Feedburner which is a little disconcerting!

    I did contact all of my email subscribers and signed them up manually to the new feed. They will need to click on the link in the email to confirm the subscription.


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