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Friday, July 8, 2011

Old Feed Deleted

Hi, everyone!

I have now deleted the old feed, and the new feed has been set up. Unfortunately, that means that I have lost all of my RSS feed subscribers :( I am sure there may have been a way to preserve them, but I did not receive any support from Feedburner and was left with trying to muddle my way through it. I tried a number of different options, and the only way that I could get the results I wanted was to delete the old feed instead of trying to transfer.

I have checked the new feed through two sources, and it appears to be working properly: Just the blog posts are in the new feed and no comments.

I would expect that there should not be any further emails coming from the old feed, since that one has been deleted. In hindsight, I probably should have deleted all email subscribers before deleting the feed but I have no way now to do that. Hopefully, by deleting the feed, it will also delete any emails emanating from that old feed.

Please do let me know if you encounter any problems! Thanks for your patience!!


  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for the feedback, Margaret! I'm glad that it is working as it should now!

  2. Hi Darlene! I'm stopping by via your entry in my giveaway. I follow also.

    You are doing great, I'd say, as I have also lost things when re-designing. I thought I'd go out of my mind. But I am learning so much about computers in the process. My kids laugh at me when I call my 21 year old daughter for 'help'

    ~ Nadja

  3. Thanks, Nadja! You are right - every error is an opportunity to learn something new! Something positive to come out of a bad thing :)


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