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Monday, July 11, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Days of Iron

TITLE: Days of Iron
AUTHOR: Russell Proctor
PUBLISHER: CreateSpace
FORMAT: Paperback, 404 pages
GENRE: Science fiction
ISBN: 978-1460934630


In the future, genetic engineering has created three species of humans. Homo sapiens - the Sapes - are the masters. The Sirians are savage and insular. And the Helots are slaves, denied even the right to breed.

Humanity in all its forms has spread out into the galaxy, ruled by the all-powerful Syndicate of Galactic Corporations. But the Syndicate refuses to share technology beyond the ruling Elite.

For Maddy Hawthorn, a Sape colonist, the peaceful life she had planned at Barnard's Star is torn apart when she becomes involved in a terrorist plot to destroy the stranglehold of the Elite over the other races. Pursued by the military and the Syndicate's agents, Maddy and her companions mount a desperate attack on the centre of control in the galaxy, an obscure planet on the fringes of known space.

Maddy must fight a ruthless regime to survive, but her own past demons might be the most dangerous threat of all.


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The protagonist, Maddy Hawthorn, is a Sape (or Homo sapien) who has spent all her life living in space on-board a Slowboat called the Endeavour. She is kidnapped by Igil Hoo, a Helot – who is a part of the bottom-class species better known as the slave race. Because of the violence perpetrated against her by upper-class members of her own race known as the Elite, Igil presumes that she is a wise choice to aid him in a terrorist plot to bring down the Elite leaders. The two are joined by Dorac, who is a Sirian naval officer in search of his missing brother.

As the book moves along, it is interesting to note the shift in power and authority between the trio. While Igil was initially the mastermind in control of the mission, we find out that both Maddy and Dorac have their own agendas against the Elite. They each have their own reasons for what they are setting out to do.

Proctor creates a futuristic universe that is rich in detail, and he developed the characters very nicely. I loved the surprising and touching friendship between Maddy and Dorac. Given the general animosity between the two races, it is understandable that they did not feel comfortable discussing their feelings. However, time and again throughout the book, the characters expressed genuine emotions towards each other by their actions.

The ending of the book left me wanting more. I wonder if Proctor plans to follow this up with a sequel?

I enjoyed the book! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the science fiction genre!

3.5 stars!

This book qualifies as:
#42 for my 2011 100+ Reading Challenge


  1. I will have to read this one! It sounds very interesting :)

  2. Hi, Christina! Check back for an author interview and upcoming giveaway of this book!


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