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Thursday, July 27, 2017

#Book #Review: 3 out of 5 stars for Mercy Thompson: Moon Called, Volume 1 by Patricia Briggs, David Lawrence, and Amelia Woo @DynamiteComics

SERIES: Mercedes Thompson Graphic Novels, Book #1.1
AUTHOR: Patricia BriggsDavid LawrenceAmelia Woo
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
FORMAT: Paperback
LENGTH: 128 pages
GENRE: Graphic Novel, Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9781606902035
"Mercy Thompson inhabits two worlds without truly belonging to either. To the human inhabitants of Tri-Cities she's an oddity, a fiercely independent woman who repairs cars for a living. To the town's darker residents; werewolves, vampires, and fae, she's a walker, a last-of-her-kind magical being with the power to become a coyote. Mercy warily straddles the fine line dividing our everyday world from that darker dimension...


One of my 2017 reading challenges is to read a graphic novel. I have never read one before, and it is a little out of my comfort zone so I picked an adaptation for one of my favourite urban fantasy series which is the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. This volume combines the first four single-issue graphic novels for the Mercy Thompson: Moon Called series. It continues with single issues #5-8, which are combined in Volume 2.

This was a quick read that I finished in one sitting, and it was fun to revisit Moon Called, which I listened to in 2013. I understand that a lot of the meat from the original book is cut out of the graphic novel for the sake of brevity. Having said that, I think that the adaptation was done well. There is also a bonus story about Mac and how he was changed.

If you compare the covers of the book and graphic novel, Mercy is depicted as having raven hair. However, Mercy’s hair colour changes to light brown in the artwork inside the graphic novel and it is not the same as what is depicted on the cover! Why the change? Also, her arm tattoos are different than the book. 

Book cover
Graphic Novel Cover

From inside Graphic Novel

 In terms of the artwork alone, I think Charles’ character is closest to what I was expecting to see based on Briggs’ descriptions.

Am I a convert? I would never choose to read a graphic novel instead of the original book. It’s the same reason why I’d never choose to listen to an abridged audiobook versus an unabridged version. It’s sacrilege! I want the WHOLE story in its original format the way the author intended it, but that’s just the way that I am. For me, the graphic novel is a fun way to revisit a favourite read and to see it in a different way. I liked it, but not as much as the original book. My library also has Volume 2, so I will continue with the next graphic novel in the series.

If you are a Mercy Thompson fan, I think that you will enjoy this graphic novel. If you are an urban fantasy fan looking for a great read, I’d recommend reading the original book first. 


3 stars!! It was good, and I enjoyed it!

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  1. I've read a few (both new stories and remakes of books I liked) and ultimately find them unsatisfying. If they help someone get interested in reading, I'm all for them.


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