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Saturday, June 17, 2017

#COYER Summer Reading List

This challenge is being hosted by Beryls @ Fantasy is More Fun, Michelle @ Because Reading is better than real life, and Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My

Visit the COYER Challenge website to sign up.

Here are the details copied from the COYER Challenge blog:
COYER Summer Reading List

There is two ways to do it this time….

  • The first is just COYER. READ ALL THE BOOKS. That’s right…this time around you can read whatever. Any price, any format as long as it is acquired legally. From the start of the challenge to the end just read/ review as much as possible. Super Simple.
  • Summer Reading List….This way has a read-a-thon that goes with it. I will explain it all below…follow me to the rules.


  1. Challenge starts on June 17th Midnight (your time zone) and ends September 8th. Review link closes on September 9th.
  2. You can read any format of book; Ebook, Physical, Audio, KU, Library, Borrowed, etc.
  3. You must create a sign-up post anytime between now and August 1st on blog, goodreads, fb, google+, etc.Yes, that means you can sign up until August 1st! Make sure to state whether you are doing the regular COYER or the Summer Reading List
  4. You must link that sign-up post below (don’t link to your blog, link to the sign-up post).
  5. You must review books somewhere & link the reviews to the review linky to be eligible for one of the two grand prize giveaways.
  6. If you want to join the Summer Reading List. Make a list in a Goodreads Shelf or your Blog of 30 books that you want to read. You must pick 30 and you must link it in your sign-up. This is your summer reading list (you do NOT have to read all 30 books, don’t panic) (the books added to your list must be books that you already have)
  7. You have from now until June 17th to make the list, when COYER starts you can not change the list. For every 5 books you read, you can add 5 more to the list (this is for all you mood readers). You can read as much as you want from the list. If you only read one, that is totally fine you can enter the giveaway at the end stating you only read one.
  8. The last grand prize giveaway will be how many books you read from your list. The giveaway widget will have levels of books with points the more you read from your list the better chance you have at winning.
  9. Have Fun!

There will be three grand prizes. Two of them will be from the review linky and the last one will be from the Summer Reading List Challenge. If you’re doing the Summer Reading List Challenge, you’ll also be linking each book you read to the linky. You can absolutely do a combination – a few books from the list and a few books not on the list!

Super simple! We also have one more thing that goes with the Summer Reading List if you decide to participate in that…


Each month during the challenge we will have 3 read-a-thons for those participating in the Reading List part of COYER. During a read-a-thon you are only allowed to read books from your list. The read-a-thon will start on a Sunday and end the following Sunday. At the end of each read-a-thon one random winner will be picked for a $3 Gift Card to Amazon. Full details will be posted in the Kick off post in ourFacebook Group, so please be sure to join the group. We will also post in Twitter so make sure you follow COYER on Twitter.

Read-a-thon Dates are
June 25th – July 2nd ~ read only ebooks
July 23rd to July 30th ~ read only physical books
August 20th to August 27th ~ read only audio and ebooks

I'm torn about which option to choose! I like the idea of going with the flow and picking whatever appeals to me. However, I also like the idea of a structured list of books that I want to get to and to work from. Given how busy things have been lately, I think I'll just go with the First Option: Read ALL the books!

I will link up reviews below as I go:

If you would like to join me in the challenge, just click the link at the beginning of the post. 

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the challenge. I'm doing the reading list option.

    Terri M.


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