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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The #StephenKing Challenge: Salem's Lot Read-Along - Discussions Two and Three #TuesBookTalk

This is the second/third discussion on the book so far, covering Sections 2 and 3, until Chapter 10 of Part 3 (to Page 317 in my book).

Don't worry, Michelle, I fell behind in the reading as well :)  I find that I tend to read King's books more slowly, because there is often so much detail that it's a lot to absorb. 

Death, death, and more death! A lot has happened since the First Check-in. The most disturbing scenes, for me, were the ones involving Randy McDougall. First, the abuse by the mother, Sandy. Then, Danny Glick feeding on poor Randy. Finally, Sandy in disbelief that Randy is really dead and trying to feed him while he is unresponsive. Ugh, those scenes just turned my stomach! Also the one where Danny Glick comes to his mother in her "dreams," and she reveals how she "nursed" him at her breast.

I really enjoyed everything that happened at Matt Burke's house with Susan. That was definitely creepy! 

Ben and Susan drive me a bit batty, with their "insta-love." How can they say "I love you" when they barely know each other?! I wasn't too broken up when Mark had to leave her behind at Marsten House.

My favourite character, by far, is Mark Petrie. Remember the scene where Danny Glick is outside Mark's window, and he scratches his dirty fingernails on the windowpane? It was that particular scene from the 1979 television mini-series that scarred me for life! I was just a kid myself when I watched it, only nine years old. My sister used to scratch on my door at night, just to terrorize me! 

I found the infamous window scene clip on YouTube:

So, I asked in my Discussion One post who the man and the boy in the Prologue are supposed to be. I'm betting that they are likely to be Ben Mears and Mark Petrie. I guess that I will have to wait and see!

I am looking forward to reading the last section of the book. I do wish that I could have listened to the audiobook. My library has the book on CD, but someone else has checked it out. Oh, well. Maybe this will be a re-read on audio for next Halloween! My library also has the 1979 mini-series on Blu-ray, so I will have to wait my turn on the Holds List.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who fell behind. :-)

    Yeah, the scenes with the baby were disturbing. As I was telling Carol in response to her comment on my post, King is very good at exposing the underbelly of human nature and it's often not pretty. I think that's what makes his writing so good though. He writes human nature well.

    Yeah, I'm not a romantic so I was a little put off by them "being in love" so quickly.

    My favorite character was also Mark. I remember in the mini-series you mentioned, he was played by Lance Kerwin, who I really liked back in the day. I think I was around 11 years old when the mini-series aired on TV and my parents would not let me watch it. I loved scary movies, but then I would have night terrors in bed so that was the reason I couldn't watch. I watched it years later and it was still beyond creepy. You should also watch the one from the 2000s with Rob Lowe as Ben Mears. It's closer to the book, but overall, I still like the book the best.

    I guess you probably have found out that you were right about the man and boy in the beginning.

    Thanks again for reading along. I look forward to your final thoughts.


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