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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Five giveaways won!

Hi, everyone!

Wow, I am on some kind of a lucky streak!

I have won six more books through blog giveaways. Rather than have separate posts for each, I am going to lump them all together:

the russianaffair
The Russian Affair by Michael Wallner
Thank you, Jodi, of Words by Webb!
You can read Jodi's review HERE.

Love Lust
Love Lust by Amber Scott (mobi format)


Fierce Dawn
Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott (ARC e-book)

Thank you, Karen, of Release Notes, for both of these e-books!
I was one of Karen's winners in her Spring Into Summer Blog Giveaway and Hop!
You can read Karen's review of Fierce Dawn HERE.

Secrets by S. L. Pierce (e-book)
Thank you, Laurie, of Laurie Here Reading and Writing Reviews!
I entered Laurie's giveaway while she was hosting the author on her virtual tour. You can read Laurie's review HERE.

Thank you, Laurie L.C. Lewis, of Laurie LC Lewis: A View From The Other Side Of The Hill.
I was a winner in Laurie's Midsummer's Eve Hop, and I have won a volume from her Free Men and Dreamers series plus an American flag!

Raven's Kiss by Toni LoTempio (e-book)
Thank you, Toni C. LoTempio, of Cats, Books, and...More Cats.

I'm looking forward to reading all these great books. Stay tuned to see my reviews!


  1. Congrats, Darlene! You realy are on a streak. Maybe you should play the lottery... =)

    -Miss GOP

  2. Wowza! You are lucky! I rarely win anything. The only thing I have ever won after entering a gazillion giveaways is a poster. :-(

    Congrats on your bounty of books. And thanks for stopping by my blog for the book giveaway hop and following me. Looking forward to staying connected, hoping some of your winning mojo will rub off on me.

  3. Miss GOP - LOL! I never thought about it, but I should have bought a ticket for tonight's draw! I guess it's too late now!

    Lena, I am not normally so lucky. I just happened to enter a ton of giveaways on the Midsummer's Blog Hop, and I guess it paid off! I hope that I am spreading the love a little bit by having my own giveaway! Tsk tsk! How can I pass along my mojo to you if you haven't entered? ;) Hop on over here to enter my giveaway:


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