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Thursday, March 15, 2018

#Book #Review: 4 out of 5 stars for Escape by Gordon Korman @gordonkorman @Scholastic @scholasticCDA

TITLE: Escape
SERIES: Island, Book #3
AUTHOR: Gordon Korman
PUBLISHER: Scholastic
PUBLICATION DATE: August 1, 2001
FORMAT: Paperback
LENGTH: 144 pages
GENRE: Childrens, Adventure/Survival
ISBN: 0439164524
Luke, Charla, Will, Lyssa, J.J., and Ian aren't alone on their desert island. They've survived so far -- but now their enemies are closing in. They have only one chance to escape. Will they make it?


This is the final book in the Island trilogy, which I'm reading aloud to my younger daughter. 

In the previous book, Survival, Will had been unintentionally shot by a stray bullet from one of the thugs and the bullet was lodged in his thigh. Now, Will is showing signs of an infection which could be deadly. The kids have to get off the island and get help for Will, or he could die! They hatch a plan: When the smugglers return to the island, J.J. will stow away on their plane. Because he's the rich kid of a celebrity, he hopes the thugs will call his father and trade him for cash. It's a risky plan, but it's all they've got. Will is getting worse, and Ian says that if they don't get rescued soon that they will have no choice but to cut open Will's leg and try to dig out the bullet themselves.

The timeline periodically jumps back to 1945, to explain more about the atomic bomb that the kids found on the island and how it came to be there.

I really enjoyed the fast pace of the book, and it was a race against time to save Will. The kids really learned to work as a unit, and they had no choice but to trust each other.

I'm planning to read more of Korman's books with my daughter!


4 stars!! It was really good, and you should put it on your TBR list if you enjoy middle grade survival stories.

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