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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wizard of Oz Read-Along Discussion Post for Book 1: The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

This is the Discussion Post for the first book in the Oz series, The Wizard of Oz, for the Wizard of Oz Read-Along hosted by Louise @ Lone Star on a Lark.

My Discussion Posts may be a little late each month, since I am reading this series aloud to my nine-year-old daughter so it will take me longer to get through each book.

  • Have you read this book before? How did your re-read match up with your memory? Or if you haven’t read it before, did the book live up to your expectations?
Yes, this is a re-read for me. I remember reading this book multiple times in my childhood, and I saved my 1958 vintage copy from my own childhood and now I'm reading this series to my nine-year-old daughter! I forgot many things such as the China Country, the field mice who saved the Cowardly Lion from the poppy field, and that Dorothy’s shoes were originally silver. Also, the violence! I had completely forgotten how the Tin Woodman beheaded various creatures. Now, reading it as an adult, I appreciate all the different themes of the book even MORE.

  • If you’ve seen the 1939 musical film, how do you think the book compares? Do you like one a whole lot better than the other?
The Wizard of Oz movie was one of my favourites growing up! I admit that I haven't seen it in years. I know that I did watch it with my older daughter, but that was over nine years ago. My younger daughter hasn't seen it yet, so I requested the Blu-ray disc from the library. Going based on my memory, I think the Cowardly Lion is more of a wuss in the movie, LOL! He did not seem like such a fraidy-cat in the book.

  • Did you have a favorite character or culture/land?
As a kid, the Scarecrow and the Winged Monkeys always kind of creeped me out! I remember that my favourite was Glinda because she was oh! so pretty in the movie and looked like a princess with that big, fancy ballgown and also because she is GOOD. I also liked the Munchkins and Dorothy, of course! 

The link to my review is HERE.

I am making a Wizard of Oz lapbook with my daughter, and I will post a photo of it when it is finished.

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