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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Into Horror Read-A-Thon: Challenge 3

The Spring Into Horror Read-a-Thon has begun!

Erin at Oh, For the Hook of a Book is hosting a week's worth of challenges!

For Challenge 3, Erin would like us to complete this survey.

1.) What do you define HORROR genre as?

I would define horror as anything that scares me and makes me jump or creeps me out!

2.) What is your favorite sub-genre of HORROR (paranormal, devil/death, supernatural, blood and gore, etc.)

Although I do tend to love the B slasher movies, I don’t quite get the same thrill reading the books that are filled with blood and gore. I enjoy just about any kind of supernatural or paranormal activity, but I find that psychological thrillers can often be just as terrifying and creepy (and, sometimes, more so)!

3.) What do you want to see more from writers in the HORROR field?

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the Horror genre seems to be less popular nowadays. I would like to see MORE availability and new authors!

4.) Favorite HORROR movie and why?

Oh, gosh, there are so many good ones! I think I would have to go with The Changeling from 1980. I was far too young (about 11 years old) when I saw it, and it freaked me out so bad! I also enjoyed The Omen (original one from 1976). I actually prefer the older horror movies from the 1970s and early 80s.

5.) Favorite HORROR authors and why?

Hands down, Dean Koontz is my favourite. His type of horror tends to be more psychological in nature, and his cat-and-mouse games usually involve the protagonist being hunted by a psycho which definitely gets my heart racing!

John Saul is another horror author that I used to read a lot of but haven’t lately. His books aren’t blood and gore, but they involve a supernatural or paranormal element.

Of course, the King of Horror himself, Stephen King! I own a ton of his books but have read very few. I think that I have seen all of his movies, but I really want to read the books.

6.) What other elements do you like in your HORROR books (mystery, thriller, romance, historical, etc.)?

I like my horror books to contain paranormal or supernatural elements. I also enjoy psychological thrillers.

7.) What is your favorite HORROR book of all time?

Oh, boy. That’s a toughie. Probably Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I read it as a teenager, and it really freaked me out!

8.) What do you like most about this Spring into Horror read-a-thon?

I love the low-stress of this read-a-thon. Between work and the kids, I do not have a lot of time to read so I have always wistfully looked at the read-a-thon challenges and wished that I could participate. I was so happy to find that I needed to read only one book, so this is my first read-a-thon!

9.) Why do you think people read HORROR?

I think people like to be scared! I know that’s why *I* read horror.

10.) Your favorite name of a character in a HORROR book?

Christine (the car) by Stephen King!

Thanks, Erin, for hosting this mini-challenge!


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