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Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Review: Incans, Aztecs & Mayans by John Holzmann

TITLE: Incans, Aztecs & Mayans 

AUTHOR: John Holzmann
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2002 (first published 1993)
FORMAT: Paperback, 174 pages
GENRE: History, Non-fiction


Three civilizations that produced architectural marvels, feats of civil engineering unmatched even today, mathematical and astronomical breakthroughs that modern scientists have only recently been able to match. Who were the Incans, Aztecs, and Mayans? And what motivated them to live as they did? John Holzmann examines their physical, social, and spiritual cultures from a biblical perspective.


I read this book aloud to my children. Although it is recommended for Grades 5 and up, my elder daughter is in Grade 4 and can handle mature subject matter.

I thought that this book was a good overview of these three civilizations. The content is interesting, and the book includes comprehension questions to aid in further discussion with my children. Their favourite parts were learning about why human sacrifices were made, as well discovering what achievements made the Mayans more technologically advanced than the Incans and Aztecs. The book is written from a Biblical perspective, so there are Scriptural references.


4 stars!! It was very good, and I recommend it as a good complement to your studies of these civilizations!

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  1. I would love to read this book! I am totally obsessed with these cultures having lived in the heart of the mayans - in Belize.

    1. Wow, lucky you! I'd love to visit the Mayan ruins!! I hope that I get the chance someday!

  2. I love ancient history! It sounds like a good book but, I do NOT like the Biblical perspective, Scriptural references part. I just don't think/like the two mixed together. I'll have to pass on that one.

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