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Sunday, October 9, 2011

NetGalley October: Read-a-thon

Hi, everyone!

Emily (aka Wilowraven) at Red House Books is declaring October NetGalley month!

The idea behind it is to read and review our NetGalley titles. I know I have two that need to be read this month, so I am joining in the fun!

Below are the details copied from Red House Books:

NetGalley October is here! Confetti and fireworks and rainbows and puppies! Woo hoo!!!!

Basically, NetGalley Months are month long read-a-thons in which we all read as many NetGalley books as humanly possible. 

For those of you that don't know, NetGalley is a service for people who read and recommend books. Publishers upload galleys to the site for NetGalley members to request.
One of my favorite things about NetGalley is that anyone who reads and recommends books can use it for free. If you haven't already, you can register here.

I started NetGalley read-a-thon months to help myself and my overflowing request log of NetGalley titles just begging to be read. I'm overjoyed at how many people joined me in April and July and I'm hoping October will be even better.

You're probably asking yourself a few questions right about now...good thing I have answers ;)

What can I expect this month?
Mark your calendars for the 28th. At 5pm EST Lindsey Rudnickas, NetGalley's own Digital Concierge will join us for another Twitter Chat. 

Also! Because she is awesome, Lindsey will be providing us with NetGalley Tips all month long. Stay tuned for Monday and Week 1's tip, Registering and Filling Out Your NetGalley Bio.

What do I have to do to join in on the fun?

AND! Declare yourself by sharing your NetGalley October love somehow - blog post, Tweet (use the hashtag #NetGalleyMonth), Facebook update. Anything really but it must include a link back to this post and you need to fill out the form below for your declaration to 'count'

Why should I join the fun?
Because it's fun, duh! And I know you are behind on your NetGalley least I know I am :)

AND there are prizes!

2 participants (who have declared themselves and filled out the form below!) will win $15 worth of books from The Book Depository.

Sound good? Are you in? Are you excited? ARE YOU READY?!?!

I've Declared NetGalley October!
Now it's your turn :)

If you want to join the challenge, click on the NetGalley October banner at the beginning of this post!

I honestly had good intentions of reading both of my NetGalley books in October. I did manage to start one of the books before the end of October, but I didn't finish it before the read-a-thon ended. I should have a review up for that one this month. If I still haven't read the other NetGalley book before January, I plan to join the January NetGalley Read-a-thon! 

  1. Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe (Royal House of Shadows, Book #2) - partial
  2. Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen (Royal House of Shadows, Book #3) 


  1. Hi Darlene!
    I hope you had a good time with NetGalley October. Can you stop by and let me know how you did?


  2. @Emily a.k.a. WilowRaven: Thanks for stopping by! I just filled out the wrap-up survey. Thanks for hosting!


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