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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Giveaway on Another Blog: Unabridged Andra

Hi, everyone!

Unabridged Andra is celebrating her 400 Followers Giveaway, and it's international! She has an awesome set of prize packages (I have copied this from her blog):

1. H.P. Mallory Prize Pack
I love H.P. Mallory! Vamps, Weres, Witches, Dream-walkers...and pretty much any form of paranormal creature you can think of all make appearances in these quirky series. H.P's books are so cute and she definitely has some swoon-worthy male leads! If you win this prize pack you will get all four currently released books: The Dulcie O'Neill Series and the Jolie Wilkins series!!! 
2. J.L. Bryan Prize Pack
J.L. Is a total fave of mine. His writing is intense, original, and freaking fantastic. This boy does his research! I usually come away from his books learning more than I have in a semester of college lol and better still, I have yet to read something of his that I haven't liked. Jenny Pox is super eerie and awesome, The Haunted Ebook is terrifying. I haven't read Helix or Tommy Nightmare, but I've heard rave reviews. He literally rocks my face off.
3. Tamora Pierce Prize Pack
You can choose ONE of the quartets mentioned above. I loved the Circle of Magic and Alanna when I was younger. I remember that the Alanna series were the first books I got from the "teen" section at my library lol. I will be re-reading them soon and posting reviews here so look for them throughout Sept! They are both exceptional fantasy series that are really original and fantastically fun. I don't see a lot of Tamora Pierce around, so this is me spreading the word! 
4. New Releases Prize Pack!

These are all Newly Released or Soon to be released books that I am SUPER excited to read! I might in fact keep this prize for myself....*reigns in greedy self* will give them to you. One follower can pick TWO of these books for their very own! :) Is that good enough for you people??

 Giveaway ends September 25th
Click on the 400 Followers Giveaway at the beginning of this post to enter!


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