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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Chosen to Die
SERIES: Montana "To Die" Series, Book 2
AUTHOR: Lisa Jackson
NARRATOR: Alan Nebelthau
PUBLISHER: Recorded Books
FORMAT: Unabridged Audio CD (11 CDs - 12 hours, 32 minutes)
GENRE: Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-4361-6313-2


He'll Choose Them. . .

Detective Regan Pescoli has worked the "Star Crossed Killer" case for months, never imagining she'd be captured by the madman she's been hunting. Regan knows exactly what he's capable of and avoiding the same fate will take every drop of her courage and cunning.

Abduct Them. . .

Regan Pescoli is unlike any woman Nate Santana has met before. But now she's missing, and Nate knows something is dangerously wrong. The only person who can help him find her is Detective Selena Alvarez, Regan's partner. As Nate and Selena dig deeper into the Star-Crossed Killer case and the body count rises, the truth about Regan's disappearance becomes chillingly clear.

And Kill Them. . .

In the desolate Montana woods, evil is lurking. And with time running out, the only way to save Regan will be to get inside a killer's twisted mind and unravel a shocking message that is being revealed, one body at a time. . .


This is the sequel to Left to Die, which I read in November. That was the first book in a series that features a pair of female detectives named Det. Selena Alvarez and Det. Regan Pescoli.

The story takes place in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains, where a serial killer stages car accidents for his victims who are driving down secluded mountain roads. He then “rescues” them, nurses them back to health, only to then tie them to trees in the wilderness leaving them to die, hence the name of the first book, Left to Die.

The sequel, Chosen to Die, picks up right where the first book leaves off. Det. Pescoli has been captured by the psychopath, and she must find a way to escape before she meets the same fate as the other victims.

The narrator, Alan Nebelthau, is terribly boring to listen to but the plot of the story hooked me.

The third book in the series is due to be released in August 2011, and I am looking forward to reading it!

MY RATING: 4 stars!

This book qualifies as:
#3 for my 2011 Audio Book Challenge
#3 for my 2011 "Whisper Stories in My Ear" Challenge
#5 for my 2011 100+ Reading Challenge
#1 for my 2nds Challenge 2011


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